Things we find important


The system is (and will) be developed from the camping owners point of view. This value is even written in our companies articles of association.


"Keep is Stupid Simple". Life is difficult enough, why use software that makes it worse? We'll like to smile on your face when an automated process saves you time.


Born tech people in the hospitality, that's the success of our product.We like to be up front of the competition and use new techniques to make your life easier.


With our headless approach, our extended api and App Store we are the most flexible system out there. You don't need us if you need custom implementations.

About us

In the search for an affordable and user-friendly reservation system Arjen (picture right) could not find a suitable solution. Together with Roel (picture left) they decided to build a new, modern system in 2017.

Now the system is a real disrupter in hospitality, with unique values and a hands on approach. B.V.
Wilhelminastraat 8,
7591 TN Denekamp
the Netherlands

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