Chains and Groups

Chains and Groups​

Go for flexibility

Groups and Chains are choosing because of its unique flexible architecture. Due to our headless infrastructure everyone is able to create custom software and integrations. This way you can keep your own identity and we’ll get you a tailed made software solution.

Multi Park

Manage multiple properties, rates, e-mails, products, reservations and more from the level group account. This is the easy way to manage multiple properties.


We have completely separated our back-and frontend applications. This makes our platform headless and unique in its kind. By adopting MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, Headless) we provide an infrastructure with several advantages.

Advanced Analytics

This way you can extract all the analytics you need and combine them with ML, AI and other services.

Identity Provider

Let your employees login with SSO via oAuth or SAML, match claims and roles and connect it to Your Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure directory.


Visual all the data in any way you need! From basic reports like revenue, ADR, RevPar to advanced filtering.

Need even more possibilities? Use our DB connector in your favorite analytics software to generate your own reports.

perfect for developers

Because we are the central hub in your organisation, our API is the gateway to interact very easy with other software. We take this job serious, we are built upon the first Headless Hospitality Platform in the world. Read more


Trusted by Many

Over 2000 campsite’s use our software….

Channel Manager

Connect with more than 50 channels. We have direct connections with all the industry leaders. And if you need more we can hook you up with one of the connected channel managers.

And A Lot More

99.99% Uptime

Stability of the solution is one of our main strengths. This can be ensured due decades of experience and our modern infrastructure.

Tailor made for you

Due the flexible nature of our software we can make an tailor made implementation for you. Without rewriting our software!

One Project Manager

To keep the communication lines short we’ll assign one project manager that keep the lines short in our and your Organization.