Big Campsites

Big campsites

Best Value For Your Money

We help you easily migrate from your current solution to ours. So you can enjoy the convenience of, generate more revenue with our seamless payment solutions, connect with OTAs and rely on a cloud-based PMS system.

More revenue

Get (more) direct bookings from your website and connect to different channels via our App Store. Offer your guests online payments and get paid.

Onboarding Service

Migrating from an other system was never so easy. We’ll connect you to one of our onboarding specialists and off you go!

Easy to use

Our backoffice is easy to understand with an short learning curve. You can get started very fast and we make sure you have more time for your guests.

Guest Yourney

Optimise the guest journey by providing personalised e-mails. With the guest page your guest have access to their reservation at all time.

Schedule board

We will automaticly make an optimal accommodation planning and the scheduling board gives you perfect insights.

Coluors will indicate the status or payment of the reservations. Or create your own view based on tags / colours with the information you find important.

perfect for developers

Because we are the central hub in your organisation, our API is the gateway to interact very easy with other software. We take this job serious, we are built upon the first Headless Hospitality Platform in the world. Read more


Online Booking Engine

Let your guests easily book their stay online. With an easy integration with your website.

integrate the way you want

Hosted Booking Engine

Copy the link from our pre-populated Booking Engine, add a button to your website and link it the URL and off you go!

Widget Implementation

Implement our widgets to your website very easily. Copy a peace of code and paste it into your HTML. Try the example below

API Intergration

Copy the link from our pre-populated Booking Engine, add a button to your website and link it the URL and off you go!.

Channel Manager

Connect with more than 50 channels. We have direct connections with all the industry leaders. And if you need more we can hook you up with one of the connected channel managers.


Visual all the data in any way you need! From basic reports like revenue, ADR, RevPar to advanced filtering.

Need even more possibilities? Use our DB connector in your favorite analytics software to generate your own reports.

And A Lott More

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Over 2000 campsite’s use our software….