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Built with passion

We create our software from the camping owners point of view. We have worked for many year on campsite's and we know what drives the people running it.


Even more

  • Multiple parks, languages and currencies
  • Website integration
  • Allotment pricing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Realtime scheduler, arrival and departure lists
  • Discount card and discounts
  • Audit trail
  • Great support
  • Custom fields
  • Automated E-Mails
  • Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integration
  • Bulk E-Mails
  • ICal feeds
  • Vouchers
  • Multiple users
  • Role based and custom roles

App Store

With 100+ integrations our App Store is the perfect place to add extra features to your account. We already connected the most popular channels, payment providers, barrier communication, financial software, doorlock and energy systems.

Your app?
You can create them yourself!


Welcome web 3.0! is the first and only headless Property Management System. This is unique and with this infrastructure we are ready for the future.

34 Api's
347 Scopes
oAuth 2.0, API Key, Public key

API Documentation
API Reference

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